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  • Ürün Kodu: MKS GEN V1.4
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Etiketler: MKS, GEN, V1.4, Elektronik


MEGA2560 plus RAMPS1.4 and A4988 in 3D printer,and we also find some short for them.Such as we have to plus a lot,the volume is more big etc. Then we design a new PCBA which combine all major features of these open-source PCBAs:Arduino Mega 2560, RAMPS1.4. MKS GEN V1.1 has the powerful processor ATMEGA2560 WITH 256K flash memory. It use FTDI FT232R device for USB and not ATMEGA16U2 as ARDUINO MEGA2560. In power input, we use L5970D replacing the LM1117-5.0, which make MKS GEN V1.1 supporting 24V or 12V input. And XH series sockets let us easy inset the wire of step motor and end stop.